Pet Sniffing & Feeding Mat


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Pet Sniffing & Feeding Mat


Stimulate natural food instincts-pet blankets with hiding places can simulate the smell of food dogs, look for food hidden in the mat to drive their natural instincts, and keep the nose working by imitating hunting food. Nature
Consume energy to reduce stress-studies have shown that smelling for ten minutes is equivalent to running for an hour, which can consume a dog’s energy, relieve stress, improve self-confidence, reduce restlessness, and help physical and mental health.
High-quality non-slip POLAR lining. High-quality plush material, durable, soft, non-toxic, tear-resistant, slow pet feeding game is safer. The petals and grass are firmly sewn into the cushion, and will not easily break and cause a suffocation hazard. The non-slip bottom can effectively prevent the mat from sliding when you explore. It supports machine wash and hand wash, and it is very easy to clean after use.
Healthy Slow Feeder-Puppy Mat 5 layers of multi-color petals and multiple layers of glass can hide dog food, this snuggle mat allows your dog to eat at a healthy speed, avoid choking instead of impact, and they will never feel Bored to use this slow feeding pad to find food.
The Velcro folding design can help you pack this cushion easily!
Only pet mats, excluding other accessory demonstrations in the picture.

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Material: plush
Color: 48*48
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Pet Sniffing and Feeding MatPet Sniffing and Feeding MatPet Sniffing and Feeding MatPet Sniffing and Feeding MatPet Sniffing and Feeding Mat

Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 40 cm



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